Blac Chyna thinks Kylie Jenner will break up with Tyga once he goes broke

Tyga’s baby mama, Blac Chyna has slammed him with yet another shade concerning his girlfriend Kylie Jenner.

This time Chyna believes that Tyga doesn’t have enough money to support his lavish lifestyle and even Kylie Jenner’s flashy birthday Ferrari was bought on credit.

‘Blac knows Kylie’s Ferrari isn’t paid for in full. Tyga doesn’t have the kind of cash needed to pay for that thing up front,’ the source tells HollywoodLife.

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‘She’s convinced that the car will either be repossessed or even worse, Kylie will have to pay for it herself. Tyga is living a life he can’t afford and sooner or later Blac knows he will crumble under his debt. And when he does, Kylie will drop him like a bad habit.’

Remember that Kylie asked her mother Kris Jenner to manage Tyga, which means the momager will be looking at his bank accounts, and Blac Chyna is just adding more fuel to Tyga’s drama.


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