Snow Isn’t Dead #GameOfThronesSeason6 (Spoilers)

There has been yet another Kit Harrington sighting on the set of Game
of Thrones in Belfast.
Alert!!! Before we continue with this report from Watchers Of The Wall I
must warn you that this might contain some potential Spoilers
Watchers on the Wall reports that not only is Jon Snow alive on the
Game of Thrones set, but he’s taking part in a another huge battle.
Where Season 4 had Jon defending the Wall against Wildlings, a
Season 5 had the battle at Hardhome against the White Walkers,
Season 6 looks to have Jon involved in a battle for the North that
involves the Wildlings, the Boltons, and at least one other Northern
House, most likely the Umbers previously casting rumors and
speculation are to believed

Here are some predictions from comicbook.comwpid-img20150911_015342-740x431@2xwpid-img20150911_015342-740x431@2x
If everything is at it seems, it sounds like death freed Jon from his
oath as a member of the Night’s Watch, allowing him to go seek
vengeance on the Boltons for their betrayal of the Starks. It’s also
worth noting that Rickon and Osha were last seen heading for the
Umbers. House Umber is fiercely loyal to the Starks – Grey Wind bit
off the Greatjon’s finger, and he still fought for Robb – so maybe
they’re looking to reinstate a Stark at Winterfell


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