95-year-old Indian man enrolls for a Masters degree…

95-year-old Raj Kumar Vaishya’s lifelong dream of obtaining a post-graduate
degree is set to be realized. He enrolled for MA in Economics at the Nalanda
Open University on September 8 for the 2015-16 session.
“I am nearer to fulfilling my long cherished dream of a postgraduate
degree in economics. My aim is not to get a degree; the thrust is to
study and gain knowledge of economics so as to understand the
problems facedby the people and the country and to contribute
something, if possible,” says Vaishya.
The widower who can still read without spectacles and lives with one of his
sons and daughter-in-law in Rajendra Nagar colony, says he wished to study
economics also to understand why the country had failed to solve problems
like poverty, illiteracy and joblessness.
His son Santosh Kumar, now in his early 70s, retired from the National
Institute of Technology, Patna, whereas daughter-in-law Bharti S. Kumar, in her
early 60s, retired as a professor from Patna University.
“Initially, they told me studying is not an easy task at this age, but later
agreed to support me in view of my commitment. My son will teach me
mathematics and statistics and the daughter-in-law will pitch in with
other help,” Vaishya said. “I have decided to devote two hours daily in
the morning and night hours to studies. After post-graduation, I will not
pursue a PhD,” he said.
NOU Registrar S.P. Sinha said it was a pleasant experience for university
officials when told about Vaishya’s keenness to join the postgraduate course.
“When we came to know that he can read and write fluently as well, it was
decided to send a team of NOU officials to his apartment to enrol him in view
of his old age. We enrolled him on September 8 for the 2015-16 session and
provided the study material in Hindi. However, he demanded the study material
and books in English; we will provide these to him soon,” Sinha revealed.
Born on April 1, 1920, in Uttar Pradesh’s Bareilly town, Vaishya did his
graduation from Agra University in 1938 and got a degree in law in 1940. He
said he failed to do post-graduation then due to increasing family
The 95-year-old reads books, newspapers, and magazines and is a fan of of TV
serials like “Jodha Akbar” and “Razia Sultan” He can write fluently in Hindi and
English with a steady hand. He however uses a walker after fracturing his leg
some years ago. “Otherwise, I am healthy,” said Vaishya.
He revealed that his secret to a long life was simple living and leaving
everything else to God. “I accept everything as it happens. Today tension kills
more than anything else. People, particularly the young, should learn to live
without stress.” A vegetarian and a lover of simple traditional Indian food, he
said he never consumed fried food and always ate less than he needed.
“Overeating kills more people than starvation” he added.unnamed_2


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